I’ll Get Your Commercial Property Financed

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The Difference

K2 Commercial Finance is based on the concept of people helping people. While banks serve an important role in our business economy, they are not designed to help small business owners. My services are designed to fill that gap.

My Introduction

Why Me

  • $60 million in closed transactions
  • 20+ years experience
  • Paid only when your loan closes
  • Commercial Mortgage Deal Maker

What type of financing do you need?

Acquisition Financing

Secure funds to purchase commercial real estate.

Property Improvements

Use Your Cash to Fix the Place Up!

Property Refinancing

Need to Refinance? You’re in the right place!

Working Capital

Take Cash Out of Your Walls for Use in Your Business.

Debt Consolidation

Reduce Interest Charges and Stress Levels. Even Pay IRS Taxes!

Guide to finding the best commercial loan for your Business

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  • (215) 230 – 1885

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