Warehouse Property

Securing the best possible warehouse property loans involves more than a trip to your friendly neighborhood banker. As with all commercial lending situations, presenting your warehouse property in the best possible light, and understanding the nuances of the many financing programs available can make a huge difference in the quality of the loan offers you ultimately receive.

Warehouse buildings are designed primarily for storage purposes. An amount of office space is usually included, ranging from 3% to 12% of the total area. Plumbing and lighting are usually limited due to anticipated light personnel loads. The design of the building usually includes a light frame with large open interior areas. Cold storage and transit warehouses are included in this category.

K2 Commercial Finance can assist with warehouse property financing. We will work with you to create the strongest possible loan submission package, highlighting the strengths of your property with respect to its local market and specific location attributes, as well as favorable property conditions and characteristics. For example, lenders will want to know that your property is properly configured for truck turnaround, ingress, egress, and has easy access to rail or highway transport.

We also have a method of normalizing income and positioning expense considerations that helps our lenders provide the best possible loan offers in the shortest amount of time.

Our job is to create the strongest possible loan submission package and target it to the exact lender or lending program for the specific property, or for your unique borrowing requirements.

If you have a need for a Warehouse Property loan to acquire or to refinance a property you currently own, please call K2 Commercial Finance to discuss your requirements. We have the mortgage planning expertise to secure the BEST possible loan scenario for you. 

The Borrowing Process.

1. Contact

Call to discuss your financing needs, have questions answered and determine if K2 Commercial Finance is a good fit for your transaction. You’ll be best prepared to move forward quickly if you’ve already read our free report.

2. Submission

Send in the requested application paperwork. I won’t spin your wheels asking for more than is needed to get started.

3. Selection

One or more of our targeted lenders will hopefully provide you with a Letter of Interest. That’s when we’ll know specific terms you can expect.

4. Underwriting

Your lender will require additional paperwork and an appraisal to get your loan fully approved.

5. Closing

The day you receive loan proceeds and realize it was all worthwhile. We work for quick closings too, it’s the only time we’re paid.

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