Stated Income Loan Program

The Stated Income Program for small commercial loans has an express application process that requires no income verification. This is our premier loan product, with great rates and fast approvals!

Every transaction is unique, but the general guidelines are as follows:

– 20% minimum borrower cash injection on acquisitions

– Adjustable Rate Financing uses 30 year term

– The higher your credit, the lower your rate

– Loan amounts from $75,000 to $1,000,000

– Fixed Rate Financing for 25 year term – or

Loan to Value up to 75%

– Cash out for taxes or any business purpose

– Minimum qualifying credit score is 575

– Inherited Properties with Cash Out

– Seller seconds to 80% CLTV

– No Employment Seasoning

– No income verification

– Blanket Mortgages

Stated Income Commercial Loans are an excellent option for clients who need to move quickly or who don’t meet the strict underwriting guidelines of conventional banks. Our lenders work with virtually all property types in almost every area of every state.

My favorite feature of the Stated Income Loan Program is that all loans are fully amortizing. Fixed rate loans amortize over 25 years and variable rate options run for 30 years.

You will never need to worry about facing balloon payments and be forced to refinance.

Stated Income Loans work for either owner occupied or rental commercial properties and can close in as little as three weeks. Call me to see if this may be the right loan opportunity for you.

Contact me today to discuss your loan options, for free.

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