First I’ll determine which loan program best suits your needs.

Then I’ll find the best lender to close your loan.

An express application process that requires no income verification. This product is a favorite of small business owners not willing to put up with their local bank’s documentation requirements.Learn More
The Commercial Preferred loan program delivers bank competitive pricing with speed and built in flexibility. For qualified transactions and borrowers with needs up to $5 million.Learn More
A hard money loan is based upon the real assets or collateral anchoring the loan without significant regard to income, employment, credit, tax returns, assets and
existing debt.Learn More
SBA Loan Programs offer the highest loan-to-values on the market today. They are also available for business acquisitions, partner buyouts and other situations where inventory, equipment, goodwill and other non-real estate assets require financing.Learn More
Provide creative and fast access to both private and aggressive institutional funds when conventional financing may be inappropriate or undesirable. These transactions can close in as little as 2 weeks!Learn More
Whether it’s working to improve cash flow, convert loans to better terms and unlock equity from existing property, or even trying to fund new acquisitions, I’m uniquely qualified to partner with you to help grow your rental portfolio.Learn More

The Borrowing Process.

1. Contact

Call to discuss your financing needs, have questions answered and determine if K2 Commercial Finance is a good fit for your transaction. You’ll be best prepared to move forward quickly if you’ve already read our free report.

2. Submission

Send in the requested application paperwork. I won’t spin your wheels asking for more than is needed to get started.

3. Selection

One or more of our targeted lenders will hopefully provide you with a Letter of Interest. That’s when we’ll know specific terms you can expect.

4. Underwriting

Your lender will require additional paperwork and an appraisal to get your loan fully approved.

5. Closing

The day you receive loan proceeds and realize it was all worthwhile. We work for quick closings too, it’s the only time we’re paid.

Which property are you financing?