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Landlord Loans Unlock Equity to Buy More Properties

As an investor myself, I understand the seemingly endless challenges that face commercial and residential real estate investors. Whether it’s working to improve cash flow, convert loans to better terms and unlock equity from existing property, or even trying to fund new acquisitions, I’m uniquely qualified to partner with you to help grow your rental portfolio.

My lenders offer innovative lending programs that are unique within the industry. For example I can help you get blanket financing to eliminate five or more mortgages and package them into a single loan. As with the other loan programs we highlight on the site, the Landlord Lending Program focuses on the asset value and cash flows. Lenders evaluate the cash flow of your rental property portfolio rather than your personal debt to income ratio. They can even provide loans for multiple properties in different states.

Build Your Rental Property Portfolio 

I’ll work hard to find innovative solutions to help you. If you’re looking for effective and affordable ways to leverage and grow your portfolio, you now have a powerful, strategic partner dedicated to making that happen quickly and easily. Contact me today and see how if I can help you get where you want to be, faster than ever before.

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For over 20 years, I’ve been helping real estate investors and small business owners just like you get financing even when banks say no. Put my experience to work for you today.

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