Hard Money Commercial Loan Program

Hard Money Loans (sometimes referred to as “Private Money Loans”) provide fast access to commercial mortgages when conventional financing may be inappropriate or undesirable.

Private money loans are collateralized by commercial real estate where the decision to make the loan is based primarily on the protective equity in the property. Hard money loans turn equity into cash and can get approved and closed in as little as two weeks.

These loans are typically one to three years in duration and are often terms are interest only. In addition to time sensitive situations, private money loans are especially useful when a borrower’s business may be losing money or should the borrower have particularly poor credit.

Hard money loans are an appropriate option for short term opportunistic situations where you have a clear exit strategy and need money fast!

A hard money loan is based upon the sale of the real assets or collateral anchoring the loan without significant regard to income, employment, credit, tax returns, assets and existing debt.

Our hard money lenders tend to overlook many items that are critical to a traditional lender and soft money loan. We can still fund loans with borrowers dealing with foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgements, credit damage, unreported income, a large number of outstanding mortgages, no credit record or citizenship and more.

The main difference between our hard money loan program and our stated income loan program is the short term nature of hard money loans. We can also fund hard money loans as high as $5 million (compared to $1 million in the stated loan program). Hard money loans can be taken-out or refinanced at any time without a prepayment penalty while stated income loans are fully amortizing over 25 or 30 years.

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