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Yes, I can find you a loan as small as $10,000.

Yes, while banks are very strict about their lending options, I’m able to find options that standard banks are not exploring or are aware of.

We work with all 48 states except: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont, LA County in California, and Cuyahoga County in Ohio.

I do not charge any fees until I’ve successfully completed a loan for you. Once completed, I’ll collect a % commission of the loan value.

A 10% down payment is required for every loan.

No worries, I work with candidates who have credit scores as low as 500.

Once you’ve been approved for a loan from a lender, it will take usually 2 weeks to receive the funds.

Yes, our loans are offered at a fixed percentage over the lifetime of the loan.

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