Commercial Prefered Loan Program

      Bank Competitive Pricing with Speed and Flexibility

The Commercial Preferred loan program delivers bank competitive pricing with speed and built in flexibility. For qualified transactions and borrowers with needs up to $5million.

Many of my clients have high credit and a commercial property that is able to navigate a more complete underwriting process. Stronger transactions have less risk and my lending sources love them and are willing to sharpen their pencils to fund them.

As with most of the loans I originate, Commercial Preferred loans are fully amortizing for up to 30 years so payments are kept low and you never need to face a balloon payment. In order to keep starting rates as low as possible, they will be fixed for three, seven or ten years before becoming variable.

Even in today’s challenging lending environment there is no shortage of money looking for solid loan opportunities. I know where the money is and how to negotiate the best possible transaction for my clients.

Call me to discuss your needs and I promise to guide you into the program best suited to meet them. I enjoy talking deals and will be happy to consult on your options without cost or obligation.

Contact me today to discuss your loan options, for free.

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Ken KaplanPresident
For over 20 years, I’ve been helping real estate investors and small business owners just like you get financing even when banks say no. Put my experience to work for you today.

For more helpful information, please read my free report, “Finding the Best Commercial Loan for your Business“.