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K2 Commercial Finance Delivers Cash When You Need It Most

I founded K2 Commercial Finance as a commercial mortgage brokerage firm in 2001. At the time I was incredibly frustrated with how poorly commercial banks treated small business owners and commercial property investors, of which I was both. The company is laser focused on commercial real estate transactions between $75,000 and $5 million, a much neglected but very active market segment.

I’ve been involved with commercial real estate and corporate finance for over 20 years and have facilitated dozens of transactions that have raised more than $60 million for various businesses. I’ve also seen good businesses fail and properties lost because borrowers were unable to present their loan scenario in a compelling manner to appropriate lenders.

The fact of the matter is that conventional banks reduce loan requests to stringent underwriting guidelines that disqualify most transactions. Most borrowers don’t know where to turn when the bank says “no.”

That’s where I come in. I’m adamant that even small commercial investors deserve options. I represent real world commercial property investors with solid transactions to specialty lenders who are eager to fund loans. If you have a deal that works, I can help you get it placed…warts and all.

These are quality lenders who are far faster and more flexible than your corner bank will ever be. They want to close transactions and have funds available for virtually all borrower situations and property types. I know how to find then and get them excited about your transaction.

If you take some time to watch some of the videos on this site you’ll get a good feel for who I am and what I do. I assure you that working with me will be a far different experience than going directly to a large bank or mortgage company.

Contact me if you’d like someone on your team who knows the ropes and can help structure your transaction, identify the best possible lenders and loan programs, and move your transaction confidently through the funding process.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, please read my free report available on this website. You will better understand the commercial loan process, become a better borrower and improve your chances of commercial mortgage success.

Code of Ethics

I run a success driven organization, deriving revenues from completed transactions rather than up front engagement fees.

The matter of our fees will always be presented forthrightly so that clients will always understand how I will be compensated.

I make every attempt to present my clients the most favorable light possible, ensuring the highest probability of success.

I always work to the best of my ability to insure the quick success of every project.

I maintain a high level of competence in commercial mortgage financial programs.

I maintain complete and total confidentiality with regard to my client’s business.

I always clearly specify our role in my client’s project or assignment.

I always recognize and honor the trust my clients place with me.

I adapt to the individuality of each project and its challenges.

I always inform clients of my basic approach to their project.

I never fail to perform services to the best of my abilities.

I always inform clients of the risks of any undertaking.

I will at all times avoid any conflict of interest.

I never deceive a client.

I will never be negligent.

Privacy Policy

K2 Commercial Finance will keep your business and personal information private and secure. When you fill out a form, you provide your name, email address, phone number, and other information pertinent to your business. We use this information to process your requests internally. This information is never shared with any other party.

K2 Commercial Finance will not present any of your information to a potential lender until you have completed and signed a loan or other financing application and have been contacted directly by our staff.

To keep you informed, we may notify you of current promotions, specials and new additions to the k2cFinance.com blog or web site. You may unsubscribe from our distribution list by following the unsubscribe instructions in any email you receive from us.

In order to improve our services to you, we ask some of our customers to voluntarily complete surveys. Survey answers are confidential. If you do not wish to participate in a survey, simply decline to participate when asked.

We appreciate client testimonials and references but will not provide your name or contact information without prior consent.

Other sites accessible through our web site have their own privacy policies and data collection practices. Please consult each site’s privacy policy. K2 Commercial Finance is not responsible for the actions of third parties.

K2 Commercial Finance fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our services for illegal activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we reasonably believe to be unlawful.

Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.

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