As this new blog launches and Labor Day 2015 approaches, I wanted to share one of my all time favorite ads with all my commercial property and business owner friends and clients.

The video will probably resonate with you as well, because we are the folks Steve Jobs is talking about…the risk takers who try to change the world in our own unique ways.

Every time I work on a commercial mortgage for a client I am keenly aware of the significance each transaction has on my client’s life and livelihood. These are large and important transactions and your project’s success or failure is something I take personally.

The tag line for K2 Commercial Finance is “People Helping People” because in the end, that’s what we do. I am not an institution. You are not a transaction.

Our loans ARE different. They challenge the status quo. They help an under-served segment of entrepreneurs reach dreams, solve pressing financial challenges and secure not only their own financial future, but often the livelihoods of the people they employ as well. Often at a time when others won’t.

I wish you a happy, safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. Please watch and think about the Apple Computer / Steve Jobs (RIP) video below. The world needs more renegades, rule breakers and geniuses…more entrepreneurs. “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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